Achieving Work-Life Balance

Posted on January 12, 2010


Most of us struggle to get the so called work-life balance right. The reason is that there is no such thing as a work-life balance. Your boss, your wife and your kids all want 100% of your time.

Here are some rules that might help you achieve happiness nonetheless:

  1. Agree hours – at home and at work. Sit down with your colleagues, partner and kids and define very clearly which part of your day belongs to them. For example, agree that you work Sunday 6pm to Friday 6pm, and that Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm is family time.
  2. Pay attention – give everyone 100% of the time allocated to them. Your partner does not want you to read emails while you are talking to you and your colleagues do not want you to change diapers while you are on the conference call with a client.
  3. You never work from home – though you may work from the home office. Agree on a boundary that is respected by all parties. Don’t allow interruptions in the home office and don’t be tempted to sneak into the home office during family time.

These are only quick fixes that help you get 10% of the way there. To really find balance you must become ‘whole’ with yourself, your family and your community… [Read more…]