Save your teeth, 200 billion bottles and 25 million gallons of fuel for $10.99

Posted on January 16, 2010


In the U.S. we consume 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water every year. That is roughly 30 million tons of water.


  • all this water travels an average of 100 miles from source to kitchen
  • the average truck used to move the water can haul 30 tons of goods
  • the average fuel efficiency for a truck is 8 m.p.g.

This means that 200 million miles are driven every year to transport the water, resulting in 25 million gallons of fuel being consumed. This is equivalent to the average yearly consumption of 43,000 passenger cars.

That’s just for transporting the water from local sources, not from Fiji or France; I am also ignoring the energy cost of producing the bottles, bottling the water and keeping it cool in the fridge. Then there are the 200 billion bottles that we throw away each year…

Lastly, many studies show that filtered tap water is better for you than bottled water. The fluoride added by most water plants even helps prevent tooth decay and cavities!

The message: The $10.99 a water filter costs will do our planet and your smile a lot of good.

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